Joining Lancashire Sun

If you join on April 1st the fee is £125 per adult for the year. If you join after this date the fee will be charged on a pro rata basis. There are no fees for children under the age of 18.

One off administration fee of £5 per adult - Key deposit £5

Lancashire Sun is a British Naturism member club, for more information click the link below.

You can make three naturist visits before deciding whether to make an application. Each visit will cost  £12 Couples and £7 Singles. You will be asked to pay your initial visits at weekends in order to meet other members. After the third visit we will be able to consider your application, if accepted the current fees are listed below:-

Lancashire Sun

To contact us about joining or visiting, please email your full name(s) and address (including postcode) to: 

All genuine emails will be answered within 24 hours

lancashire sun naturist club